Guest house Djaia, Belogradchik

Guest house Djaia is a small sweet family hotel, arranged in a elegant style. Read more...

Welcome to Belogradchik

Belogradchik is a small town with a lot of nature and fresh air. Read more...

Belogradchik Rocks phenomenon

The unique stone phenomenon Belogradchik rocks is situated from west to... Read more...

Welcome to guest house Djaia

There is a place, where every stone would tell you a story. The wind’s whisper had carried it on the time’s wings until it brought it to us, so that we could hear, experienced it and tell to our children, relatives and friends…

Is it a chance, we do not believe in, the desire to be adventurers, clear curiosity or just the need of short rest, what made you open this webpage?! Does not matter at all! You are here and you already are our guests. 

When was the last time you tried to hear your thoughts? To calm down your heart and mind? To create a dream?

Come to Belogradchik – a small town with a lot of nature, clear air and positive vibrations. And we will take care for you to forget the everyday routine, stress and negative thoughts.
You will fill reborn, refreshed and full of positive emotions. The fresh air will fill your lungs, the beautiful view will fill your eyes and the mystical stones will bring you to another reality.

Well, did you already smile?!

And if the need of change, even for short, is stronger then you now, just relax and trust it.
You found us, we expect you.

Accept the challenge to be our guests!

Landmarks in Belogradchik

Map and Directions


Adress: Peyo Yavorov 12,


Tel: 0889 630 716 Papi;

Tel:: 0888 896 947 Lucy;