Belogradchik Rocks

Belogradchik is one of the places which will stay forever in your heart after you visit and feel it. The unique stone phenomenon Belogradchik’s rocks is situated from west to east, starting from the peak Vedernik, walk around the town Belogradchik and the village of Borovitza and comes to the village of Belotinci.  The area is with longitude of 30 km and latitude of 3 km.

The most impressive rocks are close to the town – the Madonna, the Monks, the Rider, the School girl, the Dervish, the Bear, Adam and Eve, Velko the Rebel,  the Castle, the Little Shepherd, the Mushrooms, the Lion and many others forms.  Every one of these fabulous forms provoked the imagination of the local people, who created exciting legends. Them you will listen when you come to Belogradchik. 

Landmarks in Belogradchik

Map and Directions


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