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Belogradchik is a small town with a lot of nature, fresh air and positive vibrations. The distance between the town and the capital Sofia is 180 km and to the administrative district center Vidin – 55 km. Beside a car, the town could be reached by bus, which goes every day at 16h from the Central station in Sofia. Its route goes through Vratza and Montana and whole trip is around 4 hours. Roughly the same time is traveling by train, which stops on a Railway station in Oreshetz – 11 km from Belogradchik. We would like to pay attention to those of you who already are on the way to come to us. Besides you cameras, comfortable clothes and good mood, you must take some essentials. Like most of the small Bulgarian places here is no 24hours-open pharmacy and shop. 

Belogradchik is one of the places which will stay forever in your heart after you visit and feel it. The unique stone phenomenon Belogradchik’s rocks is situated from west to east, starting from the peak Vedernik, walk around the town Belogradchik and the village of Borovitza and comes to the village of Belotinci. The most impressive rocks are close to the town – the Madonna, the Monks, the Rider, the School girl, the Dervish, the Bear, Adam and Eve, Velko the Rebel,  the Castle, the Little Shepherd, the Mushrooms, the Lion and many others forms.

One of the most significant historical monuments in Belogradchik is the Belogradchik fortress. The Belogradchik fortress situated at an altitude of 610 m above the sea level and consists of three yards with total area of 10 210 sq.m and one separate fortification.
A memorable view is revealed from the highest part of the fortress called First Plate.

Nature around the town is one that attracts the curious eyes of visitors, but the town itself is very interesting too. It has reach local history and culture  (see more about Belogradchik), and the roots of a lot of famous Bulgarians are from Belogradchik and its region.  For all who wants to know more about this unique place, there is a group in internet. You could visit the Historical museum and to learn more about the regional crafts, or about the Belogradchik’s uprising and its local heroes. You could visit the Art gallery, where are stored unique paintings of local artists and a masterpiece of the great Bulgarian artist Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master. Those who like to gaze at stars could visit the Astronomical observatory. And the Hadji Hussein Mosque attracts attention with its unique carving on the ceiling.  You could walk at the urban health path, which will take you to a small park. There is the Natural History Museum, preserving more than 520 exhibits of local flora and fauna. 
There are no random routes in Belogradchik. Wherever you walk you will see something unseen and hear unheard. 

Belogradchik  Belogradchik

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